Formulated For Your Vehicle

More than a safe, high-performing, custom line of full synthetic custom oil, OEM products give you the value and quality assurance you are looking for in today’s overcrowded automotive marketplace. By matching you with the right oil the first time, we make your decision to purchase OEM the cost effective, educated choice that lasts.


OEM Oil is produced using industry intelligence to match the original oil formulation from the manufacturer. Whether topping up or changing your oil, it’s the right oil for your vehicle.


OEM’s complete line of custom full synthetic motor oil provides a modern alternative to costly dealership products without sacrificing quality. OEM is the best oil at the best price.


By matching you with the right motor oil the first time, OEM prevents you from making costly mistakes when choosing a product that’s safe and effective for your particular vehicle.


Providing a safe solution that enables long engine life, OEM full synthetic motor oil gives you greater value in the long run than lower priced engine oil.


OEM offers highly shear-stable viscosity modifiers than less expensive conventional or blended oils, thus reducing the potential for the loss of oil viscosity in high stress/temperature driving conditions and expensive future repairs.