Finding Your Match is Easy


OEM eliminates all the guesswork from choosing the right motor oil for your vehicle. Whether you’re in an emergency situation, doing a regular oil change or performing preventative maintenance, OEM has the right engine oil for your vehicle. Keeping things easy, simple and accurate is what OEM is all about.


Eye-catching and easy to recall, OEM’s colour-coded labels make finding your match easy with your vehicle clearly listed on the front panel.



Our one-of-a-kind OEM EasyMatch product selector tool matches you to the right full synthetic motor oil for your particular vehicle in four easy steps.



OEM’s particular product compositions provide backwards compatibility for engine applications requiring the use of all previous API and ILSAC specifications as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer to provide the maximum service interval.


OEM saves you from making a mistake when choosing engine oil by matching you with the right product for your vehicle-make, and the assurance that the product is API certified and of the highest quality.